Wherever you go, there you are. So keep going!
Everyone with any interest in Parkour is trying to condition themselves to their personal best. You need a very hard core to practice parkour. This site will hopefully help motivate you or at least give you some good information to help in training and in your movement.

Grab something to do a sit-up on or order an exercise ball appropriate to your height and get ready for

American Parkour - Best American Parkour web site that I've ever found.  Great community and excellent info all around,  APk's YouTube channel is not to be missed either.

UrbanFreeFlow - This excellent UK site is chock full of Parkour and Freerunning info.  They have another exciting Youtube channel.  Enjoy all they have to offer, but my favorite is the workout stuff, like with an Exercise Ball (squishy type).

Monos Urbanos - The Urban Monkeys (a Mexican Parkour site) is full of fun stuff.  Here are their training videos, but you should poke around the site and see what you can get from it.  Knowledge of Spanish is a big plus here.

Beast Skills (Tutorials) -  Nice website for hitting the gym hard.  This guys has lots of good techniques for using your bodyweight to strengthen and train.

Primal Fitness WOD -
(Also on APk) Primal Fitness is a Gym in Washington DC focused on Parkour proficiencies, the link here is to their Workout of the Day archive.  The workouts are varying degree of difficult from OW OW OW to Ohhhh my days of walking are done, depending on your level.  Use with care until you are well conditioned.

The Tribe - Professional Parkour, based in DC but with some of the best tracuer talent all over the country .

"Jump First, Ask Question Later" - Washington Post - A good article on the DC Parkour Scene, also a cautionary tale about glass.

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